Article 3 

Being an active investor, Hadean Ventures’ primary task is to secure the long-term competitiveness of the investees, implying a strong ESG-focus. In accordance with Hadean Ventures ESG Policy, Hadean Ventures actively assess and integrates social and environmental sustainability risks in the investment due diligence, decision‐making processes, and the portfolio management.

Article 4. 1

Hadean Ventures funds’ primary goal and a social characteristic is solving global medical challenges, contributing to better health and increased wellbeing.

Hadean Ventures has identified number of relevant sustainability areas with potential positive influence on the investees, such as, but not limited to, gender equality and diversity, waste and wastewater treatment, quality education, decent work, innovation fostering, responsible production and consumption and climate change combat. Adverse sustainability impacts are mapped through : ESG due diligence prior to the investment decision, yearly ESG review and yearly ESG focus projects aiming to highlight a chosen ESG topic. 

In general, the nature of the investees (early-stage R&D companies within health care and life science, with no/limited production, registered and operating within the well-regulated countries in the Western hemisphere, mainly the Nordics) has a quite limited adverse sustainability impact potential. However, hazardous waste is identified as the principal adverse environmental impact and the gender balance is identified as the principal adverse social impact. Climate change is identified as an adverse impact. The assessment of the (principal) adverse impacts is among others  based on indicators laid down in the SFDR Regulatory Technical Standards.

Article 4. 2

Being an active investor, Hadean seeks to influence and increase the investees’ sustainability focus through the board participation, yearly mapping of sustainability indicator development, general awareness raising on the importance of the sustainability and the development of relevant policies and procedures.

Article 5

Hadean Ventures’ remuneration practice does not encourage risk taking on sustainability aspects.

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