The Hadean Impact

Hadean Ventures has a strong commitment to being a driver for positive changes in the society as a whole. With this in mind, there are two areas of particularly high relevance:

Impact on global health in all parts of the world through innovation for areas of significant unmet medical need

We measure and report on: Investing to address medical challenges
Examples of medical challenges we are helping to address through our portfolio companies include various cancer types, genetic disorders, hearing loss, vaccination, and epilepsy.

Impact on the industries we operate in: The life science industry and the investment management industry

Our ESG policy guides us in regards to environmental, social and government factors both within our investment firm and within the companies we invest into.

We have a focus on diversity as we have identified this as a major challenge both in the investment industry and start-up community. We work for an inclusive and diverse environment both within our firm and in our portfolio companies. We promote this view internally and externally, as we work for diversity and equal opportunity in recruitment processes. We also have programs in place to help increase diversity both in start-ups and in investment roles. We are active in cross-firm, cross-border initiatives such as Level20 which we launched in the Nordics in 2019 together with several other PE-firms.

The UN Sustainability Goals we directly impact are:

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The launch of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2015 has made clear that the global community of countries relies heavily on the private sector to solve some of the most urgent problems the world is facing. Both, companies and institutional investors, are being asked to contribute to the SDGs through their business activities, asset allocation and investment decisions (UNPRI).